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“There is something very special about Kori and his coaching.  His intuition means that you can get to the point very quickly; it also gives confidence in knowing what you are thinking is on track.  Kori is very empathetic and you feel incredibly safe with him.  His experience and creative way of thinking means that change occurs. A truly delightful and competent Life Coach”


Christine Walter, National Training Director, NZ School of Life Coaching 


Christine Walter 



Hypnotherapist . Life Coach . Trainer

When I first met Kori I had no idea what to expect, I didn’t know anything about what he had to offer or EFT. We had a talk, then Kori started EFT on me and I started laughing uncontrollably, it released so much anxiety and pain I had. I then also laughed the whole way home and felt the best I had in months.

  I have been fighting cancer for the last couple of years and have tried many different healing treatments, but have found Kori’s support, treatment and knowledge surpasses most of the things I have tried. I have been finding working with Kori in the last few months more beneficial than working with my psychotherapist. He has been treating me through Chemo and has helped so much with my anxiety and pain! I just had a scan last week and am now cancer free!!!! 

  I know when fighting cancer it is extremely important to keep your subconscious mind and your stress levels under control, so I can’t thank or recommend Kori enough. 

  I think of myself as a knowledgeable person but every question I have asked Kori he has been able to enlighten and give me sound knowledge on. I will continue to work with Kori to release trauma from childhood sexual abuse that has resulted in stress and anxiety issues, and am looking forward to the day that I am healed and just feel peace.


I have had Kori as a life coach on and off over the last 6 months and throughout this time he has always been there for me and has sent texts to see how I'm getting along. Kori has helped me with my anxiety and with just being comfortable in my own skin, he has been very good and helpful to me. I would openly recommend him to others as I feel I have benefitted out of his coaching. 

- Eden

“When I first met Kori I could instantly sense his caring spirit and his passion for guiding and supporting others. I have felt at ease in his presence right from my first session with him over a year ago.

Kori has made me feel comfortable to open up and be myself, he has a very compassionate and personalised approach to his coaching and healing practices with me. I feel he has a genuine interest in my journey which has helped me to build trust with him, and therefore we are able to work on a deeper level. Kori is an intuitive coach who is very knowledgeable, positive and forthcoming. Practicing EFT and hypnosis with him has been very effective, and the practical advice and tools he leaves me with are very helpful. After my sessions with Kori I always feel centred and empowered, with a positive shift in my perspective and a deeper understanding of myself and my path forward”.

- Erin

I have been really impressed with the care and skill from Kori after my first Coaching Session.  My results have been very positive.

At the time I was mostly lacking confidence and direction in my life in several areas ,since my session with kori I have found my inner thinking and beliefs about many areas of my life have been challenged and the on going results are positive. I found that the session with Kori has bought about a renewed sense of purpose and  enthusiasm for my passion, a previous line of work that I am now focusing on.

I also found I am more inline with my true self and have been more creative in my hobbies and interests . I have noticed a big change in my confidence and self esteem and a want to become healthier in general by being more aware of my diet and nutrition.  

Most noticeable from the session is a new sense of peace as I had suffered badly with anxiety and it was affecting my day to day life so this has really been helpful.

 The follow up and care has been very impressive and I would have to say its been the best experience for me, and I would highly recommend it !! 


  --  Marie Rodgers .

Ashley here one of Kori’s clients.

I’ve been working with Kori for over a year now, over that time Kori has Coached me to discover, fast forward and overcome a range of things.

With his wisdom and extensive knowledge he’s got a tool for everything.

He always goes the extra mile to ensure his clients are getting the tools the need especially during testing times.

I’d highly recommend Kori to become a Master Coach as I feel he's reached a level where he can certainly pass on knowledge and help others wanting to pursue a similar career, and has a deep passion for helping the human race live their best lives.

Kori has also been mentoring me with getting my own Business off the ground and has been outstanding at helping me over come obstacles and move forward.