The importance of impermanence

July 12, 2017

  Why it is good that nothing lasts forever!


The polarity of life is the spark of consciousness, and consciousness is the waking state of living. 


This blog can almost be summed up in one word....Appreciation. 


You will never know just how much you appreciate the breath, until you find yourself gasping for air, and yet the majority of us seem to live our lives as if we are going to live forever. Going through each day, eating, drinking, walking and talking, all the while, living these actions out in a main-state of unconsciousness.


This is the problem. The subconscious mind is like the equivalent of a computer able to process up to 20 million bits of information per second. Whereas the conscious mind has the capacity to process a mere 40 bits of information per second. This really puts the state of mindful living into some perspective when it is evident that we are conscious of a tiny 5 % of our daily waking lives, at best! Not to mention when we are in the sleep state.


So what does this have to do with the idea of impermanence, and how important it is for us to embrace its powerful hidden teaching. Well, it is in the awareness of the things that display their impermanence in obvious and experiential ways to us, that we can raise the percentage and quality of our consciousness, and when you raise your conscious awareness, you expose a deeper sense of peace, love and self acceptance, that in turn extinguishes the presence of shame, blame and anxiety, and all the other emotions that find their roots in the false reality of fear.


For example, when you intentionally focus on your breath, it is the experience of the inward and outward, the coming and going that helps the mind to become more consciously present in the moment, because the moment is defined with a beginning and an end. What's more, there is a definite changing in sensation that also stimulates the conscious mind to focus and feel the moment in its reality.


But lets say, that when you were born, you just took one deep breath that carried on forever. It would not be long before you would become numb and lost in the white noise of permanence. Imagine experiencing one image, one sound, one word and one feeling for one eternity. I think that most would agree that this could be defined as being in a state of hell. You see, even if all these singular permanencies were good, they could never be known as such.


It is in the fact of TRUELY knowing that the morning follows the night, that one can invoke joy. That peace succeeds war. Darkness gives way to light, and finding, resolves the lost, that experience can ever be a conscious state of living.


To only ever know happiness, it would only take time before the novelty was lost and became a flat line. Again, as an example, the permanence of happiness would not be happiness at all, neither would it be un happiness. It would be NO-THING at all!


Its the unconscious mind that functions from a state of permanence. Going on and on with its activity, in rigid repetition. Never giving a notion to the fact that one day its animation will suddenly stop. It only ever gives awareness to the conscious mind when experiencing pleasure or pain, love or fear, and even then, the response of the subconscious mind will be short and sharp, and if not kept in check, will subsequently revert to some kind of habit, that lacks creativity or initiative.


The polarity of life is the spark of consciousness, and consciousness is the waking state of living.


So the next time you are experiencing sadness or depression, know that the law of impermanence demands the emergence of happiness. When the day has been long and painful, be sure that another day follows. And knowing that even being alive the next day is not a given, and that your life is as impermanent as a breath, you can't help but gain a greater conscious appreciation for the moment in which you live and have your being. Wether it be good or bad, high or low. You know, that one brings value to the other. Doesn't that just make life so much more valuable?         




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