Into the silence

June 3, 2017


Some last words before I go.......


Those that know me well, know that I am a bit of a talker. It's something that I just can't help. Once I start talking it's like I get on a perpetual motion of what would almost seem like glossolalia to the person on the receiving end of my rant.

I find that some people are happy to listen, while for others, it could be a rather painful thing to be subjected to. For both of those types of listeners, I am very grateful for them gracefully giving me their ear.


As a Life Coach, I spend a fair amount of time challenging people to face certain areas in their life, and see if they can view it from a different angle or maybe try something that they haven't tried before. Either way, we work together to dis-cover the hidden treasure within, and bring about positive change to the things that are less than favourable in their life.


Well, I too have things that I would like to approach from a different angle, and/or change in my life. A number of months ago my partner Nikki whom is a progressive counsellor/


coach, and co-founder of Heart Mind Health, suggested that we both go on a week long silent retreat at The Self-Realisation Meditation Healing Centre. As you may guess, for a prolific talker such as myself, this is the challenge of challenges, But, I was up for it, if at first a little reluctantly.


As we have approached the day that we go into the centre for the experience of learning Pure Meditation and keeping our words to ourselves, I have actually become very excited about the whole thing. It's going to be a time to slow things down, grow spiritually, get more introspective, learn more about myself, and of course, give my mouth a much needed rest, which I am sure will be a huge relief to those that are closest to me ;-P


Today we leave for the centre full of anticipation and promise. Not completely sure of just how this will change us, but if there is one thing that I have learnt as a coach to be the most powerful thing for someone to do to create positive change, is, if you do something different, things WILL be different in your life.


I will be sure to post about this experience in my next blog, and hope to come out the other side a better coach, father, friend, partner, listener, and of course a better person and contributor to the world.

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