The heart mind connection

February 19, 2017


Where does a thought come from?


Its a fair question to ask isn't it. We go about our everyday lives, thinking and hoping that we have a reasonable amount of control over what we are doing, but in my experience there seems to be sufficient proof that when I am in my head, control is something that can be quite a battle.

The mind is influenced so quickly by external suggestion and circumstance. I mean, right now, don't think about a blue ball.

What are you thinking about?


Positive or negative, it doesn't matter. External influence will, and does, impact the mind, far more that most of us are aware.

You may be able to remember a time when you were going about doing what you were doing, and there was some incredibly annoying sound going on in the background such as a loud stereo, machinery or maybe a whining child. All of a sudden you become very aware of just how pissed off you are at this bombardment on your senses, and you snap like a dry stick.

No matter how hard you try to block it out, you are being influenced externally, but all the meaning and reaction happens internally.

This is the thing, controlling the mind is no easy feat. One minute you can be thinking about what you WANT to be thinking about, and before you know it the environment or circumstance you are in, has your mind off in a totally different direction. How can this be?


The subconscious, is the part of the mind, that is responsible for 95% of our thinking and actions. That is huge!! To think that you are only actually thinking intentionally for 5% of the time should be rather alarming to all of us.

The subconscious is really nothing more than a collection of habits that you have learned over your lifetime.

When you practice or repeat something enough, your brain begins to build neural pathways, through electrochemical connections, which eventually solidify and become a habit.


A helpful way of picturing it, is to see these cells communicating with each other, until a relationship is developed between cells.

These many different communities of cells, that together have agreed to the way you subconsciously act, are the ones responsible for your breathing, walking, blinking, healing, digesting and all the many other things that you do without thinking.

Over time you create and accumulate thousands of neural pathways, that are ready to fire in a instant, and more often than not, without intention.

This includes how you may react to confrontation, pleasure or pain.


So how can one live with more intention? 


Well its not only the brain that is filled with billions of neuron cells. You heart is also filled with millions of these relationally connecting cells. So, in a way you could say that your heart is another brain.

I like to call this the heart mind.

I believe that this is where we realise our deeper identity, wants and needs as human beings.

For millennia, different races, religions and creeds have understood the heart to be the seat of an individuals emotions, feelings and spirit. When you give it some honest thought, isn't that what makes us human? 

There is even some theories and studies out there now, which suggest that there are more signals sent from the heart to the brain, than there are from the brain to the heart.

But are these signals having a strong enough influence?


I know its easier said than done, but how different would things be for us, in any given situation, if we would all function more from the heart mind than the brain mind. I think we would see a world, which is more honest, more at peace, more compassionate, more connected to the environment and more in touch with each other.


You see the brain has a strong electromagnetic impulse, but the electrical impulse of the heart is 40 - 50 times stronger than that of the brain, and the magnetic field of the heart is around 5000 times stronger than the brain. And, get this! The magnetic frequency of the heart is the same frequency as the earth. It kind of makes sense, as it is where our bodies actually come from.


So where is the place of our true authentic selves lived from? I believe with all my heart, that it is the heart!


It is scientifically proven, that this powerful field of the heart, permeates and penetrates everything, including people and animals, and so its influence is incomparably more powerful than that of the brain mind. 

Modern society has lead us to believe that our brain mind is the place were we do all of our important thinking, communication and interaction. But when one ponders the activity of the brain mind, it can be seen to be more like a preprogrammed monkey, in a fit, leaping from one thought to another, with little to no inner control...Don't think about a pink poodle! See!


The answer to this, is to allow the heart mind to have more influence over the brain mind. Don't be so heady! Be more intuitive! Listen less to the outside world, listen more to your inner world. This will begin to build a heart mind connection. This is most desirable for a happy intentional life. 


You see, your brain thinking, is a result, of your programming, conditioning and environment. Your heart thinking, is not so much a result of anything, than it is a relationship between your deep authentic self and the field of infinite consciousness.


Here are some ways to know when you are functioning from the brain mind or the heart mind.

- The brain mind reacts.

- The heart mind acts.

- The heart mind creates.

- The brain mind recreates.

- The brain mind regurgitates.

- The heart mind generates.


When you begin to live, more from the heart mind, you will find yourself breaking away from the pack, and creating your own path, without fear or concern for what others may think or say, you will heed the only voice that matters, you know you will be on YOUR way.







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