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Seeing dramatic change and growth in a persons life, is what excites Kori most about being a certified life coach.  Anyone can benefit from the support of a life coach. Weather it be dealing with anxiety, self limiting beliefs, or simply wanting to go the next level in an area in your life, Kori's guarantee is that he will assist in the acceleration of the desired outcomes you want to experience in your life.

There are many different ways in how a life coaching session can be done. 




Face to face coaching is by far the most effective way to get the most out of your coaching session with Kori. Body language plays a major roll, making up 50% of a conversations communication. There are also more exercises and tools that can be explored and/or implemented in person.

1 to 1 Coaching

For some clients, the phone call has been very helpful, especially when things don't go to plan or some quick advice is needed before an important meeting. Sometimes  throwing an idea around with kori over the phone has been just what the client has needed at the time.

Phone coaching

Many of Kori's clients have had a great experience utilising Skype as a easy and convenient way to receive coaching. The fact that both the client and coach can see each other keeps the sessions highly effective and motivating.

Skype Coaching

This is the thing that sets Kori apart from the rest. Your transformation, goals, or achievements are so important to Kori, that when you enter into the coaching relationship, it is complimentary to the client to have the ability to contact kori via messenger or txt. This service has been invaluable to Kori's clients on so many levels, providing a deep sense of continued support.

Txt Coaching