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October 23, 2018

I met God in the supermarket. 20 years ago. It was unlike any moment I had ever experienced, or have since...

It was an on the spot enlightenment which is still unfolding for me to this day. With the original intention to buy some 2 minute noodles, I walked out of the supermarket with no food, but a profound revelation. "I just met God" I told my flatmate when I got back home. He was understandably confused and intrigued by my statement, as were my other friends and family that I shared the experience with.

You see, I had never been religiously inclined. I used to give christians shit whenever I ventured on drunken expeditions into the city. So maybe I was asking for it? 

The thing is, the experience was not a religious one. I...

October 17, 2018

Most of us have the same idea and understanding about the ego as the next person. But what actually is it? Is it the puffed up guy that struts around thinking that he is hot shit? Is it the pretty girl that flaunts her aesthetically pleasing look in public in a way that seems to insist that she is better than any other? Is it the executive that lauds his power over his employees and colleges as a constant reminder of who is the top dog? Well, yes...And no.

The ego is a far more insidious construct. 

Construct is the best word to describe the ego. You see, you were not born with an ego, you constructed it from your learnings, and the insistent bombardment of the social structures and cultural norms. It is a...

January 8, 2018

Once you have achieved the ‘what’ that worked, you have then discovered the ‘how' it’s done!

There is one word that is very effective at keeping people at a standstill. It is a word that I encounter often from my clients in coaching sessions. It is a word that is thrown out on numerous blogs and you tube videos. It is a word that intrigues people to read on and hope they find the answers to all their problems. It is typed into google millions of times a day, and though it can be incredibly helpful to people in the right context, it can also be a trap for many.

That word is…How.

Now I’m not dissing the word how, or the fact that it makes up a strong part of many questions. I just want to put a warning out there that this word can at...

January 2, 2018

"We weren't born to comply, we were born to fly"

Would the real you please stand up!

How much of you life is covered up with TV watching, social media, people pleasing, and all the other things you do, that prevent you from being your true authentic self? It is vitally important that you ask yourself this question, because the truth of the matter is, you have a limited time on this earth plain reality, and your time is best spent being the person you know you were born to be.

You have something powerfully important and lasting to give to the world before you leave, but it cannot be delivered through the filters of the world that many of us are covered over by. It will, and can only ever be given by the REAL YOU!!...

December 21, 2017

Lets face it, it would seem that a large amount of people are not satisfied with their life. All around the world depression is on the rise, year after year.  Anxiety is rife, and if you ask anybody about their outlook and certainty for the future, the response is often very bleak. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, short or tall, black or white, fat or thin. If you are experiencing unhappiness, you are most likely doing one, or all, of three things.

In my coaching career I have come to notice a pattern that people share when it comes to the lack of happiness or positivity that they are experiencing in their life. It comes down to three simple factors that are so very simple, yet have an incredibly profound...

July 12, 2017

  Why it is good that nothing lasts forever!

The polarity of life is the spark of consciousness, and consciousness is the waking state of living. 

This blog can almost be summed up in one word....Appreciation. 

You will never know just how much you appreciate the breath, until you find yourself gasping for air, and yet the majority of us seem to live our lives as if we are going to live forever. Going through each day, eating, drinking, walking and talking, all the while, living these actions out in a main-state of unconsciousness.

This is the problem. The subconscious mind is like the equivalent of a computer able to process up to 20 million bits of information per second. Whereas the conscious mind has the capacity...

June 25, 2017

If you are reading this blog and haven't read the blog that I posted last week, it will will make far greater sense if you go back and read that one first.

So..... One week on a silent retreat, with five others learning an ancient form of meditation. Well, as I said in my last blog, not talking, is a rather challenging thing for me. And I've gotta say, that was not the only thing that was challenged in the silence and introspection! 

I have irregularly practiced some form of meditation over the last 20 odd years, but intentionally setting aside a committed in-depth and consistent practice for a week, twice a day, for long lengths of time, became, what I could only describe as a spiritual sledge hammer to my ego....

June 3, 2017

Some last words before I go.......

Those that know me well, know that I am a bit of a talker. It's something that I just can't help. Once I start talking it's like I get on a perpetual motion of what would almost seem like glossolalia to the person on the receiving end of my rant.

I find that some people are happy to listen, while for others, it could be a rather painful thing to be subjected to. For both of those types of listeners, I am very grateful for them gracefully giving me their ear.

As a Life Coach, I spend a fair amount of time challenging people to face certain areas in their life, and see if they can view it from a different angle or maybe try something that they haven't tried before. Either way, we work together to di...

May 31, 2017

  We all know how how it feels. That sense of discouragement and defeat, when you have tried numerous times to achieve something and it just hasn't panned out. I hear it from many people and clients that I coach. The tone that comes out of them is negative, and it can seem that nothing ever goes right for them. You know, that old saying that most of us have said at some point in our lives, when some situation has gone pear-shaped, "THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME"! And you know what? Saying this to yourself often enough, will help you to prove yourself to be right.

  Well isn't proving yourself to be right about something a good thing? Yes it is, but only for the EGO! Thats right, your ego cares about nothing else but BEING R...

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