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Heart Mind Health is an order of things

For many this order is the wrong way around.

We are taught early in our lives through schooling, social structures and culture, that we must get a job, earn a living, have a family and contribute to society.

But hardly are we encouraged to make sure that we are doing what we love. Discover what is meaningful for ourselves. And fulfil that which gives us a feeling of purpose.

Hi , I am Kori Reardon. I am a Life coach, motivational speaker, author, podcaster, Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner, surfer, marriage celebrant, fitness enthusiast, mindfulness facilitator and musician.

I am self motivated in every challenge, pushing my body, mind and spirit to extremes to find the possibilities that lay dormant within all of us. I have helped raise thousands of dollars for charities and causes, and personally guided many clients to radical life outcomes.


I am a proud father of two kids, with a very supportive and loving family. My life experiences have been many, and my coaching style and practice reflects that.

Born in the seaside town of Kaikoura I was raised in Christchurch New Zealand where I still live today. As a Kid I struggled through school, finding the whole experience bewildering.

I found my feet when I got into Judo at age 10 and, a few years later won a handful of gold medals. I found my voice when I taught myself the guitar at 14 and started the only real band in high school. I wrote the songs and performed as the lead singer in a thrash metal band called frantic. In my twenties I lead a three piece with my two best mates. A progressive rock band called Rezin, an d tore it up in the Christchurch music scene for 6 years.

I found my hands when I learnt the interior plastering trade and later built my own plastering business and employed staff, teaching them both trade skills and life skills.

I found love at the age of 22. Getting married and building a home. I then found tragedy when the Christchurch earthquake turned our lives upside down. The aftermath took its toll, and I found heartache when the marriage dissolved.

I found awakening when I started a meditation practice and Yoga, taking me back to a state in my spirituality that I experienced almost 10 years earlier. I become vegan, adopting a lifestyle of compassion and loving peace.

I found my path. Becoming a certified life coach in 2016. I am passionate about helping others help themselves, to realise their potential, their dreams, and to manifest the life that they truly desire.

I have learnt firsthand, that living a life that is less than authentic and compelling, robs us of our creative, intuitive and intentional selves. This also implies that we are holding back from the world, what it needs from us in our fullness.

Emotional wellbeing is the key to happiness, peace, fulfilment, and pleasure. I have developed a number of programs and tools that have helped my many clients to a place where their emotions become an intelligent guide in bringing certainty to their future.

Life is an order of things. Start with your heart, let your heart be served by the mind, know that health involves your entire being...

"I Dare You to be You"

- K G Reardon